The picture is taken in 2007 at the Old Stone Bridge in Karlstad.

Final Call
About MusicOnAir - Today

MusicOnAir consists of:

Lennart Alftrén
Master of Engineering, entrepeneur and consultant in
the city of Lund

Klas Camling
Master of Engineering, former employee at Ericsson Telecommunication, now entrepeneur and consultant
in the city of Stockholm

Mats Wickén
former acting as music intermediary by means of
distributing jobs to artists in the community of
Värmland with the base in the city of Karlstad

Around the turn of the century (the latest!) we, “the boys”, met and decided to record a full length-CD. As we have several hundred songs of our own, hidden here and there in drawers etc., it felt completely right taking the decision that, at least some of them, should be recorded and distributed on a CD. Since the year of 2001 we have been working in our own tempo to make this happen. The record contains 12 songs and was released in June 2011. The name is "Final call" which also is the name of the last suggestive song.