The picture is taken 1967 in the bar at Televerkets dining room at Älvgatan in the city of Karlstad!

Final Call

The picture is taken 1963 at the fire station bridge

in the city of Karlstad



Finally we have created our own home page. Here you can see us from the past when we played in a rock’n roll band during the sixties and how we have “matured” until today. “MusicOnAir” consists of Lennart Alftrén, Klas Camling and Mats Wickén.

MusicOnAir - 2011
  1. About MusicOnAir

Around the turn of the century (the latest!) we, “the boys”, met and decided to record a full length-CD. As we have several hundred songs of our own, hidden here and there in drawers etc., it felt completely right taking the decision that, at least some of them, should be recorded and distributed on a CD.

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We did all grow up in Sweden in and around the city of Karlstad. Mats still lives there. Klas and Lennart have, since the last 40 years, lived in the city of Stockholm and Lund respectively.

The reason for making a record at this stage in life is both that it is incredibly fun and that we simply during the years have made several hundred songs and we feel that a lot of them are so good that others might be interested in our music. Of course the songs are influenced by the music made and played during the sixties and the seventies, especially by Hollies, Beatles, Beach Boys and Kinks. We do believe that there is a big space for this type of music, especially regarding people in our own age, but also from younger generations. Actually the first rock generation, which is quite unbelievable, has reached retirement age!

The new record, which is called "Final call", has been released by the record company Blue Topaz Records in Malmö." If you want to buy the record you can, for instance, do it on

Best Regards
Klas, Lennart and Mats

  1. Our History


Lennart and Mats meet for the first time and decides to start a rock’n roll band. Lennart starts to take guitar lessons and Mats starts practicing on an old military set of drums in his basement.

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