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Several articles in the NWT (Nya WermlandsTidningen) and VF (Värmlands Folkblad) about Carrions and especially Lavions about participation and victories in different pop band competitions e.g. “Best band in Karlstad”, "Best pop band in Värmland”, “Best in pop-68” and “Best pop band of the year in the city of the year”


An article in NWT by the Karlstad celebrity “Bläckis” who e.g.writes:

“Out of a hundred pop bands Lavions is the best”.


Reviews of “Stop, there’s another time” and “Shake it up”. VF: “ TTF – international, “värmlandian” and surprisingly good”. NWT: “ A record worth listening to”. Sydsvenska Dagbladet: “A solid top ten candidate”


Reviews of “Ljumma vindar” and “Powerful noise”. VF: “Could have been a summer hit, the refrain gets to you immediately” and “nice feeling for rock music”.


A story in Lars “Bläckis” Bäckströms  and Sten-Ove Carlviks interesting book

“Karlstad in the fifties and sixties” where they tell e.g. about gigs in “Nalen” in Stockholm during 1965 and 1966.

2011 - Juni

Zeigeist -


”This is rather sweet actually......Songs like 'The Long Dusty Road', 'One Step Two' and 'Carolina Dreamin' could easily have sat in the repertoire of Messrs Clarke, Hicks and Elliott (Hollies) during their halycon years......... With some excellent vocals and performances, this makes for a pleasant, easy listening experience. And in case you're wondering, easy listening is a good thing in my book.

It's the kind of record that lazy, summer days were designed for, and if we ever get one in Scotchland, then this will be getting a lot of play."